Hi, my name is Stephanie Kay Atwood. Being outdoors and active is what I am about. That I am now over 60 is, in my way of thinking, a gift that let’s me stay active and age, which is pretty inevitable if you stay alive!

I’m healthy. I run. I move regularly and LOVE the outdoors! I plan to stay active for many more years.

My professional name is Stephanie Kay Atwood and I am an author of multiple books about fitness and wellness including 2 best sellers – “Belly Fat Blowout” and “Run Faster Race Better”.

I’m also an international speaker, accomplished athlete, and entrepreneur. I like to speak and, recently have started hosting a weekly podcast about running.

What matters to you at this point in your life? If good health, community, and a sense of well-being are part of your priorities, please join this group of active, involved, adults OVER 60! We made and we’re going strong!

About Stephanie. What the Media Says

“bonds quickly with an audience when offering keynote speeches, seminars, and workshops” Praised as an inspiration to women over 35 and well into their 80’s and 90’s Atwood founded Go WOW Living, the organization that empowers women through a combination of activity, nutrition, and community.

In the past 50 years Atwood has been featured on television and in print multiple times including ABC, NBC, and CBS. She is a powerhouse presenter with a range of experience that boggles the mind.

An outstanding athlete, breast cancer survivor, mother of 6, and world traveler Atwood coaches the Bay Area women’s run club– Go WOW Team. She is creator and host of Active After 35, Thriving After 70, the podcast for all women who are committed to stay active and involved for their entire lives.