60 & Going Strong!

Hi. Are you going strong after 60? Please join the club! How wonderful to be healthy at this point in our lives. What a gift we share.

I’m Stephanie Kay Atwood and I’m Active After 60

How marvelous to still have that adventurous spirit (possibly with a little better understanding of our mortality)! Going strong after 60 means that we’ve been at this for a while. It hasn’t happened by accident.

I am a nature girl. ‘Have been since I did a solo outing in the woods for 3 days. No food, water from a stream, no sleeping bag. Just me and the incredible outdoors. Quiet communication. Solace. A place where I belonged. That was the beginning, almost 50 years ago, of my understanding of how blessed I was to have a physical and spiritual connection with nature, through my body.

Canyoneering in Zion National Park

This photo was taken the summer of 2017 when my kids and I did an amazing day of canyoneering. Our trip to Zion National Park was a dream come true. I got to hike, camp, ascend and descend canyons – all with two of my kids. What could be better?

Share your stories and please join me in this continued, active, journey. We’ve still got a lot of ground to cover!